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Welcome to AreasAc®, the web for both Service Areas and Motorhome Parks in Spain and throughout Europe.

The information about service areas in Spain, which is presented in individual files, ordered by provinces, may be:

  • Printed in DIN A5 format
  • Saved as a PDF file
  • Downloaded as a file for TOMTOM for GPS 

The European service areas are presented by countries with direct links to the webs where they are located.

A series of links to webs with further information has also been placed at your disposal, set out in different sections. 

The aim of AreasAc® is to gather all these resources together for the use of Motor-home owners.

All information on this site is for free public use and is only subject to the conditions laid down by the other webs visited. 

Any data, image, commentary and/or suggestions which might add to, modify or update the information presented here, may be sent to:

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